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Fish Talk Radio

Fish Talk Radio

Fish Talk Radio

About Fish Talk Radio

The Fish Talk Radio Show covers the world of fishing, travel, and outdoor activities. Visit the possibilities of fishing from Alaska to Panama, Florida to the Pacific Northwest. Discover new destinations and fishing opportunities that you did not even know existed.

Fish Talk Radio topics range from fishing, the outdoors and travel, the importance of conservation, enhancement, and sustainability, along with the latest on fishing equipment, development and techniques, destinations, and much more.

Fish Talk Radio is produced weekly with a team of highly-seasoned veterans in the fishing and outdoor community.

About the hosts:

John Henigin aka The Legend
Henigan is an award winning host. Living in Santa Barbara and a legal resident of Cabo San Lucas, John spends a lot of time after big game fish in fresh and saltwater. As the operator of “Reel Fun Adventures,” he hosts fishing trips to Alaska, Baja and Costa Rica as a regular part of his job. John also always finds time to sponsor kids’ fishing derbies and to take kids out on his boat at the lake or on the pier!

Mike “Griz” Ritz Co-Host

Host of various TV and radio shows worldwide reaching 250 million households. Resides in Baja, California.

Marco Farrell Co-Host/ Director of Marketing/Social Media.
Expert fisherman, free diver, photographer and storyteller.

Fish Talk Radio has been voted six times as the best outdoor radio show of the year by the Outdoor Writers Association, with a first-place award for conservation.